Comments on Core Belief Restructuring


“I am at a lost for words after our session today. I feel so great and I am so excited to experience the changes that will occur. I truly believe you have changed my life. The first time I heard you on the Women’s Group call I felt like I had to do some training with you. I must admit at first I was wondering if I was ready for it. But then I knew I could do it. Once again I can’t thank you enough for the experience and I look forward to working with you more in the future.” Timeka


“I also wanted to thank you for our last session which mainly centered around my father. I have really been able to understand and accept a lot of things in my life that I had not been able to before and I feel it really helped me work through those obstacles that held me back from simply enjoying my life. Thank you again!”  Allie


Sorry for the typed profanity, but it is just exuberance! It worked, Your work helped immensely. We chatted all night, working through some of the usual being in love stuff and then looking hard into what had happened to us over the last six weeks. We were ready to release something, and at the same time, all at once, we were free of it — the dragging awful soupy feeling that substitutes for divine love, and all of the guilt and fear on many levels — all in an instant completely gone. Leaving us really disoriented, maybe a little angry or ticked, and different. But, then what flooded into that void was the most incredible joy and happiness either of us have ever experienced. I have never heard of two people sharing an enlightenment experience like this before, but I’m sure it happens.


We are not in love now, that fell immediately away. Instead, we are sort of inside love, an expansive one that feels right, whole, and good. This we can manage, and we see one another as beautiful. The link is perfect, and we both feel free and joyous. Really happy (happy happy). There has also been a combining of energies. Her longtime guilt vanished, my fear of loss and now she shares my confidence (and spastic joy) and somehow I’ve got the goofy laugh. Hah! No, I have more than that, memory, brilliance, and a depth of love I had only experienced in her. Now in me.


Congratulations to you and many blessings. Life is changed and I have a companion who can kick me when I get off course and the ego distorts. The feeling is absolutely euphoric, please, please check in with me  and see. As my will aligns with God’s all things drop away and I am only love. That is how it feels. This love has no longing, no wanting, no selfish sub-reasons and no delusions.


Let’s stay in touch, this could well be the most incredible experience of my life! Thank you for being a part of it.


Love, Joy, and Spastic Blessings, Gerard



I wanted to follow up with the largest thank you for our session this afternoon. As I hung up the phone, my entire body seemed to collapse with exhaustion…and relief. For the second time, you seemed to have saved my “life” or perhaps…my soul and I will be eternally grateful. Your gift is extraordinary and your personal growth is obvious thru your voice. You sound more empowered than ever, and happier perhaps on many levels. Congratulations. All my best to you and your husband for your continued health and happiness. Liz


Hi Julie,
Thank you for chatting with me. I tried speaking to Jay’s higher self. Geez…the look on his face changed instantly. He got it!!!  I’ve done it several times since and it helped us get through an issue that was dividing us. This shit works 🙂 Raine


Hey Julie,


Okay, so its time to give you an update on my happenings since our session. Let me start off first by saying that was the coolest phone call I’ve ever had, HANDS DOWN!!! There is so much that I’ve wanted to know about everything and to know that at some level we are all connect to that knowledge gives me chills of excitement! Anyway, lets get down to business. I started to resent Bob (the guy I work with) for the last few weeks and more so days leading up to the session. After the session I’ve never felt more free! I feel like I literally radiate energy! And the reason why i know at is because all of the sudden everyone wants to talk to me, connect with me or be in my presence since that day! I was a little wierded out by it at first but started to enjoy it. As for Bob, the next day I literally walked into his office and told him everything I felt!!! I was so liberating because I didn’t care what his responses were going to be. I felt like I had to do this for me and I owed it to the girl in 1654. After about an hour of connecting and being completely honest with him, the dynamic of our relationship totally shifted!!! He’s now adopting some of my ideas into his own business and realizing that we should work smart and not necessarily so hard. We had an event this Saturday where we had 836 people there and so many people would just gravitate toward me… it was nuts! I haven’t felt this alive in years. I had no reservations going up to people that were way more affluent than I was and simply connecting with them, because I feel I am made from the same universe as them so I could achieve what they have and more because of how creative I am 😉 Kyle flew in from New York and was there too. We connected and after the event we came back to my office and for 3 hours we talked about business and life and a few paradigm shifts he had. By him sharing it with me totally had one too. I finally realized that I have not been focused on inspiring the person across the desk but instead caring about the money I would make. Because I was so financially strapped I only focused on that and not what truly matters. Kyle and I laughed the next day because we both have never had a better night’s sleep in a long time! I felt like we both got a little more congruent with what we’re here to do in life. I had an idea last night also that would totally make a lot of money in my company and it is going to benefit so many people! I could barely sleep! I’m totally on top of the world right now and loving it but I can tell its just the beginning! I’ll be working with you for decades to come so don’t go missing on me 😉 I hope you’re enjoying your trip!!! YOU ROCK!!! Agape Love, Craig



Hi Julie,


Just a quick note to touch base with you to thank you for your amazing assistance yesterday! I’m not sure how or what you did, but the fog is definitely lifted and I feel like my old self for the first time in 3 1/2 months!!! I can not thank you enough for that as it was getting to be exhausting and wearing me down. I will definitely be in touch.


As an aside, I have a dear friend who is having a very difficult time in his life right now and is finding it difficult to find work, much less his way in the world. I am thinking I would like to “gift” him a session with you…how would we best make this happen? Much Love and Gratitude, Andrea


I’m not sure if you’ve ever lost anyone in this way, but even with the comfort of my awareness of her, I still go through this amazing healing/grieving process where I regularly feel pretty good then hit the wall so to speak.  Anyway I ‘m writing because I feel I needed to say this before we meet.  As I envisioned meeting you I began to weep,  and I realized that you were the only one during that time who saw her as I did and know the beauty of her higher self/soul.  The mental/ emotional/ physical body everyone else saw was so broken, and I felt I was the only one able to hold the vision and space for her to heal.  Your presence and awareness were a great source of comfort to me, though I never had time to share that.


Anyway I figured if I wrote it our greeting might not be so overly dramatic, although I don’t seem to have much problem crying just about anywhere.  Writing has been very therapeutic. Looking forward to seeing you, love, David


Hi Julie,

Well, what can I say. I don’t really know how to describe the way I feel except that I feel very light, as in free and weightless. Right after our session I felt a tingling sensation coursing through my hands. It was very strange. The only way that I can really describe my world right now is that it’s complete. I feel that since our session everything has been going right for me without me putting fourth a lot of effort. I find myself being a lot calmer and just going with the flow. Here’s an example: I am finishing up graduate school right now and I was headed downtown. As soon as I got on the expressway I realized that it was wall to wall traffic and we weren’t really moving. Normally, I would have yelled out a string of profanities. I hate being late. I am that person who is always early. This typically would have ruined my day. As I got into traffic is said to myself, “I’m not gonna worry, I will get there when I need to, if I’m late, I’m late”. Now this was strange even to me. After I said that I kid you not traffic started to move and I passed the abandoned burning car that was holding everyone up. And I of course was early for class. I know this may seem like something small but I was like wow!


Another thing is that I am finding that I have more energy now, hence the late hour of this e-mail. Also I keep getting these burst of what I can only describe as butterflies in my stomach. I keep saying to Craig I have a good feeling about something but I never know what. I have it right now. Just a fluttering in my stomach…it’s so weird.

I wish I could make everyone important in my life have a session with you. I wish I can give everyone the kind of peace that I am feeling right now.

Sending lots of love and good energy, ~Wendy


Just simply Amazing Julie! I feel like I have a whole heart now! I feel all of the joy in my life not just a small bit. Wow! This morning Zac noticed that two horses came to the fence and we went out to feed them apples it was so neat! I felt so much joy in that moment with him it about brought me to tears. Thank You so much! Love, Becky


I am getting the idea that all of my guidance comes in the form of issues/beliefs brought to light for forgiveness.  I remembered this experience with my mom when I was a teen and I feel like this was point where I decided that my body and yummy sugary food was all about guilt, shame, etc.  My mom was on a constant diet as far back that I can remember.  We went to the store and she bought this bag of chocolate covered peanuts.  When we got back into the car she started to cry and shoving these chocolates in her mouth and she said that she just might as well give up and get really fat and that my dad didn’t really care for her because he purposely ate treats in front of her face when he knew she was dieting.  She then offered me some of the candy and I said….no thanks mom and felt horrible.  I felt all her despair, guilt, frustration, defeated, and self-loathing/hate.  I felt powerless to help her….and I just realized that is how I have always felt with her.  That it didn’t matter what I did or said or even how much I love her……I just feel/felt powerless to fix anything.  I can never make her see who she really is….Divine Love….that it isn’t my choice but her’s to make.  And I feel this same way about my own body….powerless and defeated….which my ego loves for sure.  But I don’t know how to move past this…it feels like my golden key for this project though…..like if I can move past this then things will start working. Liz


This morning was the most awesome experience i have ever had in my life excepted for having my kids. I went to your site JRhutslar.com, that picture that pops up first is exactly what i envisioned when you were explaining what you see in the Valley flowing to you the light you were explaining i envisioned as the light around Jesus’ head in pictures as a halo. I have felt and seen this light before in a dream it is full of love,peace,happiness,power,and feels safe. Thank you so much I am positive we will be in touch again to further my growth and spiritual experience.I will keep you posted on my experiences. Once again, Thank you so much!     Wishing you much success,Carrie


When I work with you I know that you are doing your right job as spirit guide. It is your vocation in the best sense of the word. You are filled with energy, joy and purpose when you are doing this stuff. It seems effortless and true. I want and am ready for that for myself. Jan


WOW Julie! Heavy stuff~

After I sent you the email I went for a really long hike with a couple girlfriends, and just attempted to disattach from my world – not think about whats going on – and just be as much as I could! I really felt my heart soften and pressure lift, saturday eve and into sunday, I have felt very content. It’s so funny to me, because I write you these notes, and then afterwards, I start thinking to myself “you probably shouldn’t of sent that, Julies’ gonna think you’ve lost it!” but who else could I send it to!

It so amazing to me how you understand, and yes that is just what I felt, little demon creatures sucking the life out of me! Love bombs are flowing again! You amaze me! Thank you Thank you Thank you~Keep me posted for your next class – I really want to learn more about this work. Feeling good. YEA  Liz


It really touches me that you would think of me with the thousands of clients you must have. I know you definitely have been brought into my life for a reason and I fully intend to take full advantage of it. If I recall I mention to you once that you are like the sunrise of a new day? I can still feel the warmth of that sunrise and I am looking forward to what the new day as in store for me its kinda corny but I think there is a plan for me to do many things in this life things that matter.

In closing I am sure people tell you how great you are and how grateful they are for you and what you have been blessed to do. Well I want to do the same except when you read it I pray that you will feel it and know that its true. You are such a great person I am so grateful for you and what you have been blessed to do. 🙂 Thank you Julie Love you too! -Chip


Wow – what an intense process today…felt so relieved, loving, peaceful and “light” after the session.  Was even having a hard time describing it to someone b/c it was so unique and almost unable to explain in words how powerful the forgiveness/contract ripping up/souls saying thank you and good bye process was.  Thanks for helping me, being so genuine in your work and holding the space for me to continue my soul’s growth – even thru some of the most painful experiences I can imagine.  What a ride!  I’ll probably come do a check in later in the month – want to keep in sync and “aware” – thanks again, Becky



Hi Julie,


I’m feeling incredible…you were spot on to where I’m at. I suppose you just gave me a license to fully express myself no holds barred!!


You are truly a gift to this world. Thank you for the magnificent work that you do. I have referred a few friends to you and suspect you will be hearing from them in the future! Andrea




Hey, So its been crazy weird. Sure enough Garrett called later that night after our session and I didn’t feel anything. All that wanting to call him a lazy mother trucker was not there. Wow it has been easier to talk to him. It feel really good to have that connection gone. I’m feeling pretty good just a bit uncomfortable… I’m guessing that’s normal. It has freed up a lot of room or energy for me to put into my kiddoes and Coy! I don’t know if this is related but feeling more edgy than normal… my patience is not as long as it has been. But I’m so very grateful for you and the amazing work you do!!!! Love ya Girl!!! Talk to ya later, Becky

Thank you for keeping in touch Julie… I would love to collaborate with you in a workshop. You were my first spiritual teacher. I read your book “relationships” so many times and still refer to it. I recall that John Gray endorsed your book.. Isn’t it amazing how the universe works? Everything is aligned exactly as it should. I never forget when you used your dowsing wire and told me that my past and future has been and will be working and empowering women. Well look at me now! Feb 2008 I started the women’s group in my family room and now we have 80 and more members join us every month! Wow…what a journey it has been…this is only the beginning..
All is well,  Sahar


Just a note to say whatever our session did, I feel like a new part of me has emerged. Strong, confident, loving, nurturing ( and no I am not looking at your notes!!) The most powerful transformation I have ever known. Lighter, freer and ready to succeed.


Thank you. From the bottom of my heart…thank you! Kim


Ahhh….I feel 20 lbs lighter! And free! A bit exhausted too- but wow Julie, you are such a gift. Thank you so much. A fabulous Birthday and looking forward to the year ahead! Love, Kim

Looking back over the past months since I contacted you, life has been so much easier and simple for me, which has reflected my relationships, and I am so grateful to you for that. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season Julie. Love, Annette

Hi Jules, I just wanted to thank you for all of your time with me these past few months.  I love the work and get it. I love reading your book.  I love experiencing and knowing the true divine me. It was wonderful sitting in that place with you, Embracing and Letting Go… Thank you for helping me uncover the simple Truth.  Much Love and Gratitude Always, Clark


Oh Julie

Sending you blessed love and joy. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing your light.


I have felt so much love and REAL forgiveness in the last few months. Amazing. No doubt your work with me has opened that door even though I wasn’t quite sure what it meant at the time. Much peace to you! Namaste, Carolyn


Hi Julie-
I just wanted to thank you for the work you have done on my sweet girl, Sadie. I have seen such a difference in her, I feel like I have my angel back! Thanks for all you did to get her back on track. Love, Jen


Hey Julie,
I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed our session the other day. I am always so impressed with the things you say because frequently I feel like you have read my mind, which is impressive in itself, but then you talk to me about all those insights which is really helpful. Things have been going well since I talked to you. I put the “allow” stickers around and my teenagers have defaced them, but it has gotten a dialogue started so that is good. Hope all is well with you. Definitely not feeling dark anymore, heading to Aspen for spring break tomorrow and I am starting to actually look forward to that (what a concept). Take care. Love, Liz


Thanks Julie!   Hey and thanks again for the session!!!!!!  You and Ed are quite a team together I’ll tell you!  I’m still riding the wave of feeling free, joyful and hopeful, getting some insights also.  Thank you so much both of you for being who you are patient, kind and loving and helping me along my journey. Sandy


Hey you,

Not that you need a play by play, but I do want to share the process.  So far — EVERYTHING is positive.  I left your office and went to a guy’s house to pick up my road bike.  I got that bike a few months after I got married, road it a lot, got pregnant and dog sick and then just hung it up while my life took one declining step after another.  A few weeks ago my PT encouraged me to get it out, get it tuned up, and get on it.  After walking the dog and waiting for Robin to come home, we went for a fairly short ride, but all I could feel was freedom.  I felt like I had lost 20 pounds.  Lighter, easier, gentler.


I did what you said — spoke to the higher selves of Robin, the kids, and my mom.  I tried with Gregg, but decided I needed more time.  I shared the whole experience with Robin who knew all of those beliefs I held onto and has been waiting for them to “go away.”  She noted that it was unusual to come home to me in biking shorts, ready to go for a ride!  I told her that according to you, those old beliefs are gone.  And I now speak about them as past beliefs.  I feel a weird sense of lack of attachment to them.  A distance.


I didn’t wake up tired this morning like I usually do.  I am energized, lighter, and ready to go practice my golf swing.  I’ll do that for an hour, have breakfast with an old friend and then an appointment with Ed at 11:20.  My friend will be with me.  She doesn’t drive and I need to take her to a dentist appointment after mine appointment, so I thought I would write all these things since I don’t feel comfortable sharing them in front of her.


Thank you so much, Julie. Oh, and I had a good conversation with my good friend who got me the golf lessons, thanking her because yesterday’s golf lesson had been so productive.  I was so excited to embrace this new part of my life.  And she said, “This is the first day of the rest of your life.”  She had no clue what had just happened to me in your office, but when Robin stopped by after work to pick berries at her house, she commented to Robin what an incredible place I was in.  She thinks it’s golf.  Golf is just one manifestation of what happened inside me.  And — I even cleaned out the produce drawers this morning in my frig.  It’s time to clean house!! Love You, Kathy


Hey Julie,

Thanks for doing the tweaking.  I can tell I am in a way better place.  Yes, Ed suggested we go golfing and I think it would be awesome for both of us!  I would learn so much from him.  He’s a good guy and since you know where I am in my life and my heart, you can rest assured I’m a safe “date” for your husband. 🙂  No worries there at all.  It does feel weird to go out with someone else’s husband, but I am realizing the importance of good male energy in my life.  Interestingly, it occurred to me on the golf course the other day that my male interactions have exponentially increased since taking up this new hobby!  I found that good and positive!!  And — I think it is a God thing in my life.  I have two sons and Robin has two sons and I may end up with two more if my daughters choose to marry men, so my interactions with men need to be good ones.  Historically most have not been.  So — Ed is part of that.  It would be fun if you would come, too.

I am feeling very energized and open.  I had shut down my heart and my friends were sort of disappearing.  Now, the good ones are coming back out of the shadows and I’m also making a few new connections.  I am certain the work you did last month is making a huge difference. Thank you, thank you!!  Love you tons more! 🙂  Kathy



It was truly a pleasure to work with you earlier…i feel as though i dropped 20 lbs (I’m not overweight either!) and there is a source of contentment in my center of my body and a sense of self worth

and on purposeness that was not there before. maybe we can discuss this on our next time we connect hopefully sooner than later. In fact, i took to a sheet of paper my thoughts and 6 pages into it i knew that we may have hit upon a couple things and shook up some core beliefs that needs awakened and possibly even kicked out.  i feel light and giddy and really appreciate the work you do and are doing for me…check my vibration and presence and let me know when a good time to work again would be. ….the man on the battlefield is glowing with forgiveness and infinite positive vibrations, -Lance


Oh wow, what a remarkable session. Thank you. Through out the day I’ve had several flashbacks of being on stage and freezing up. Dates back to when I was in kindergarten to now. You would think I’d recognize this earlier. I almost thought I wasn’t good enough, talented yes but, confidence was questioned a LOT! We talked about other things today as well… Still working thru the present time as to how this one has effects me. I’ve thrown up, gotten a bloody nose, studdered my words so bad I couldn’t speak anymore, forgot how to read, hands stiffness, red flashes, convulsive butt shakes, and the list goes on. Looking forward to putting this to the test. I can say one thing in honoring myself though, I never lost hope in the dream. Lots of love, Brandy N



Thanks so much for your heroic efforts to make yesterday happen for me!  I am already feeling a shift.  Yesterday seems surreal–after we talked, I walked for 6 miles and “stuff” was shifting.  I babysat my granddaughter for the remainder of the day which brought me back to basics, so to speak.  The wonder of it all.


I decided I am putting up a new inspirational quote on my mirror and my visor….I am powerful…I am worthy…and I’ve got something to say.

I look forward to the conference calls…connecting with more like-minded comrades.  Much love and gratitude,  Peg



I opened my new set of paints and did a watercolor of my lady.  It is like nothing I have ever done before.  I don’t paint people, usually just landscapes.  I simply followed my heart and put paint to paper and what came out was amazing!  It is her and me and the picture of healing all in one!  What a remarkable break through for me!
I have struggled with deep despair all my life and I know I had plenty of things in this life to give me despair, but as we discovered it went deeper than just this life experience, it was a part of my soul I had not acknowledge before.  I have also been struggling with not wanting to live my whole life.  I tried to commit suicide when I was 19 years old and this life certainly gave me plenty to deal with, but I always felt like an “old soul” even in my younger days.  This morning I realized I want to live this life to the best of my ability and enjoy it for as long as I have.  What a change not to wake up and feel like I do not want to be here!  I do want to be here!
I also have readjusted to Christ living in my heart and not out there somewhere.  The scriptures do say that He lives in our hearts, but I always seemed to be reaching to the heavens to find Him, no wonder I could not find Him, I was looking in the wrong places.  It is such a place of peace to look into my heart and feel Him there.
I, too, like my lady, had several bad “church experiences” where I was condemned by sermons or even people who judged me by their words.  So, I knew exactly what she was going through, because I went through it myself.
The Lord Jesus literally saved my life in this time period several times over.  I am only now beginning to see His strength and guidance has always been there in my heart all along, but I could not access it since I was looking in the wrong place.  This is a whole new way of thinking for me and indeed I need to discover the path I will walk from now on.  The spiritual path that the Lord has laid out before us gets all muddled by human thinking, reasoning and condemning what is beyond their understanding.  I pray for true understanding and guidance from Christ as I walk in the Spirit and truth of His divine love.
Thanks so much Julie! Love in Christ, Deborah


Hi Julie,

Thanks so much for recommending the ACIM conference call sessions.  It is really the kind of connection that resonates with me.  I picked up The Mask, Mirror and the illusion again, having read it twice previously a while back and it is like peeling another layer of the onion on the way to its core.


I also want to thank you for your recent one on one work with me.  An interesting shift has occurred.  The number of men I have been in relationships in my life can be counted on two hands with fingers to spare.  It is interesting to me that I have had some sort of contact with all but one in the two weeks after our meeting (even over distances as one is in New Zealand and another Ann Arbor)   And in each case, I see and feel things at a much cleaner level–with gratitude and no negativity.  I even suggested to my sons that I have a desire to be friends with their father, thinking about taking the step to connect with he and his wife. All three sons do not think this is a good idea given the past.  What I will do, I do not know nor do I need to know.  I will allow it to unfold.  But the fact that I can forgive him and see him with compassion and without a negative charge is huge.  I have had interesting “inadvertent’ contacts with the others that were also very clean.  It is that very last relationship, which still holds a bit of a charge.  I can see it was my own judgment of myself that attracted him to me.  99% of everything else was a good match.  Going through the process with you, where I know that I am worthy, I am valuable and I have something to say has helped me to realize that, forgive myself, and forgive him.  Though I do not want to be near the energy of that judgment…probably how I didn’t want to be around smokers when I first quit because the temptation would be to fall back into an unhealthy habit.  I imagine that will change in time just as it did with smokers.


As we discussed before, I have put a great deal of focus on evolving these last 6-7 years, letting go of that which is not me and moving  more toward spirit.  While there is some loneliness that occurs not being able to verbally share the excitement of the revelations as they occur to compatriots, there is great joy in knowing that I am inadvertently igniting a little flame in others that know I am connected to something that they, too, desire–even though they don’t know what it is. And of all things in my life, I am most driven to know All That Is even more.   There is also a growing part of me that knows more with each passing day that I will eventually be helping others in a way similar to how you do.

I am interested in your 18 month session.  I see that is starts in Sept 2012.  I have a work commitment in CA the week of Sept 17, so I truly hope this is not the week it starts.  Do you know yet at this time what the four weeks will be for meeting as a group?  I would like to reserve those on my work schedule asap.


I am so grateful that Matt connected me with you.  And that you are who you are.  Namaste, Peg



I love it! Let me get a chance to reply from something other than this cell. I completely agree, with the assessment, as far as support? My support is knowing 1. I no longer fear death because I’m pure LIFE/LOVE


2. I feel support in the “knowing” that I’ve never encountered before, life is unfolding perfectly in every way


3. My vibration is that of contentment, who is Content ALL day?! I am in bliss most of the day :)……words over the phone would be better. Love Lance



I feel totally unburdened and much lighter so I am assuming you did.

That was great fun, (crying and all) thank you so much

Love, Harri

By the way, thanks for having all the patience and belief in me until I could see it myself! You have no idea how much it has changed my life and gotten me closer to where I’m going! Love you and can’t wait to connect with you soon 🙂 Craig


Hi Julie,
You were so right, there has been this big power surge with all of my intuitive abilities. It’s very fun and kind of amazing how well the clairvoyance is working, I just started a class and I heard some fairies laughing when I was doing a reading for another person who turned out to have been one.  You’re totally right that I’m getting the big push toward my life purpose and suddenly I feel very clear that I want to be doing this kind of intuitive work

I’ll deal with the maternal reaction later- it’s very funny in this life she is a financial adviser so she does manage other people’s money inc. mine since I was a child, but amazingly too I just gave her my ID so she can legally separate herself from my accounts and that went totally smoothly!


Also thank you for all of the resources, I checked out Dan Mittman’s book on life purpose numerology and I’m a 26/8.  What he said about “they undervalue themselves and their work, and they refrain from taking on challenges in the material world. They not only avoid the fast lane, they don’t even get on the highway.” really really resonated with what we did so I just said that’s it- I’m ready to get my power back.


I have no idea where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing in June but it would be so fun to meet in person one of these days! Kelly


Thank you Julie – I have to tell you that I really feel “wonderful” – I know I did not immediately perceive this change during our session.  But, as I was driving home I felt such a “calmness” and it continues. Even Grant feels much more calm around me.  I can’t express how thankful I am that I was led to you through Harri.  You have truly helped me to change my course.  I know the bumps are always going to be there, but I’m ready for the obstacle course with more awareness now (even though I have so much more to learn).  I talked to Harri about possibly attending your fall retreat – I think it would be great for us.    I will keep in touch if you don’t mind – love from all of my heart. Debbie




Comments on Retreats



“We all have those moments in our life when you feel underwater… like life has thrown you a curve ball and you begin to scramble to make your way out of how you are currently feeling. I had been navigating my way with actually a fair amount of tools at my disposal. In fact, I had created an organization that offers just that… tools to help navigate the highs and lows of life. And for the most part I was able to use them, until…. until events in my life called for an ‘advanced set’ Looking back, I wish I had the impetus to begin working with Julie sooner. Taking initiative before a crisis in my life would have allowed me to use grace through turbulent times.

Trying to articulate what you get after attending a workshop with Julie is difficult because you begin to try to start talking like poet, and for me as an engineer it just doesn’t make sense. I can tell stories of how I feel more confident in conflict and chaos. Or I can tell stories of how I have found creative solutions instead of panicking when an option closes. Or I can simply say how others have noticed a change and now seek me out for assistance through their difficult times. When they do, I offer a tool or two, but the best solution is to discover them yourself directly from my mentor and teacher, Julie Hutslar. In the end the result from attending workshops with Julie is the peace and confidence that I had always tried to pretend I had.” Cathy


You are amazing!!!! My life has definitely been shifted all for the better 🙂 Thank you for sharing this!!  Love you tons!!!! Jody


Wow, how I am grateful for the opportunity to be with you and other wonderful women at your blessed shelter. Also very appreciative of the tools given to create that same environment wherever I go, though I’m still shaky practicing that( grounding and heart opening).
Julie, thank you soooo much for being who you are and for being there where I could find you.  I appreciate you soooo much. Jenna


My time with you and Jan and all the others was FANTABULOUS for me, as well.  I felt loved and accepted from the first moment.  I’m still feeling peaceful, loving and lovable. The retreat was truly a healing, beautiful experience for me. But…I know that I need to do more.  I want to participate in the 18-month spiritual vision quest. The retreat was truly a healing, beautiful experience for me.  And…I want more!!!  Jo


My reaction of tears/sobbing as you led us in the visualization of our Divine Selves was almost overwhelming for me.  Yet…today I am experiencing peace, love and joy.  Perhaps my first connection with the Divine? Profound is a word that I just used when discussing the experience with Robyn.  Thank you! Jody


ok this is perfect. thank you Julie.  thank you for taking the time and for ALWAYS being there.  i just printed out my pictures of the retreat and i am so grateful for that time spent there.  it really has had a huge impact on this year.  i mean really really really impacted my life.  also… the guidance we did in May has really helped as well.  Little by little as it comes I’m going back and getting those parts of myself that are stuck. So awesome!!!  love love love and more love to you!!!! Stace


The workshop was so rewarding, you have no idea of the joy it caused me, meeting all of you, particularly you and Ed. I can’t thank you enough.I could not tell you exactly why my life changed after our Healing Retreat, but it did and I must be telling everyone, including Chris about it. Cheers! Diana




Comments on Summer Youth Camps



Well Julie…once  again my daughter has returned from  your retreat seemingly stronger, more “grounded” and overall holding herself in a way that feels totally “present” …..in a private, personal sort of way….she doesn’t seem to want to “share” much with “ME” yet when someone else inquires she is very open and deep about what went on there…and she  did share with her sister how the retreat would benefit her daughter who has some very definite behavior/emotionally entangled w/ mom & dad issues…whew!!!, and she explained how loving and wonderful everyone was there and supportive etc. Appreciate your time and energy… Peace Fran & Family


My baby got back nice and safely. I’m trying to help him with his re-entry and we can really speak to each other on a whole new plane of thought. Steve and I are so  interested in the couples retreat. I’m anxious to get closer to my divine self again.  Cam calls it my driver…LOL get back to me soon and thanks for taking care of my chatty Kathy son.  Love u guys and hope to see u soon..love and miss u all. Love, The honored angel Janelle


Emily’s behavior has been dramatically enhanced!  I don’t think she realizes what huge impact your youth retreat has on her yet but I can see the change very clearly.  She is way more relaxed, reserved, more loving, caring, more verbal, happy, very delightful to be around.  Prior to the retreat, she was more melancholy, depressed, had low self-esteem and her language was a lot more negative and depressive, but that all has changed.  I’m excited to witness the application of your teachings in her school after the summer break.  It will be a huge benefit for her living in such a unstable and sometimes harsh environment like school.


I’m so grateful to have your teachings and love in my life and my families.  We love you!!! Love Jenna


I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful week that I spent in Idaho! I learned a lot of valuable things that make life a lot easier than before. Thanks for teaching me. Sincerely,  Emily



I think those were the most entertaining four days of my whole entire summer! I had such a wonderful time with the girls and you! I enjoyed being able to bring out my inner-fifth grader 🙂 This experience opened up a whole new perspective in my life that will be with me forever. Anytime you need a helper, and I’m around, I would love to help out!!

Thank you so much, for everything! Talk with you soon! Stephanie (girls helper 2012)


Thank you for everything. The transformation in my daughter is as noticeable as a blooming daisy since her time with you.  You were brought to our life for a reason and I am forever grateful for you helping Mackenzi through such a rough patch in her life. Tiffany


Thanks Julie… And yes… The camp not only changed Mackenzi … It Helped her through this… And completely changed her outlook on life. It significantly not only changed her life… But mine in exhange. Mackenzi and I have always had a very close relationship. The passing of Makayla impacted Mackenzis life so much. Julie.. she ran away… She said she hated me.. she wouldn’t let me comfort her.. did not eat meals. Cut me out of her life completely when nobody was looking. It killed me that I could not help her. It broke my heart when it was out of my hands. I was reluctant to send her away to camp with you right after we lost Maykala.. more so .. because she was angry with ME and dealing with her pain that way. My family told me that is when she needed me the most and did not understand why I would let her leave. I was torn.. because… was my family right? Should I just keep trying? Would it push her further away???? Do what I feel was best with Mackenzi? On top of this I was trying to stay strong and deal with my own loss of Makayla…. I decided to leave it up to Mackenzi.  Let her choose … And she chose to go. All I could think to myself being apart from Mackenzi was… Well if I can’t help her and she won’t allow me to try…. Then I would let her go to this camp and pray that something there could. Well Julie… It did significantly change and help all of us. Mackenzi came back home as Mackenzi and was taught how to begin to heal. We are so grateful for the kindness of having Mackenzi sponsored and we will pay it forward in everyway we can. Tiff




Feedback on Personal Guidance


“JULIE! I want to experience that feeling forever!! Let’s get to some serious work, I integrated last session like a pro…I want more! I can’t wait till we work again, I appreciate all the work we have done…thank you.” Lance


“I am learning more about how to come from that place of love not only for others but also, for myself…..I am grateful for you, I hope all is well with you and I am looking forward to our next visit. I have so much to learn, to remember……I love your books, thank you for The Mask, The Mirror and The Illusion! Absolutely, wonderful…..” Kris


“I’ve been thinking about you all day today. In one of our sessions you mentioned that you chose not to become a mother for many reasons. However, you are a mother. You are a mother to all of your loved ones, clients and friends as you allow them to birth their beautiful souls and nurture them with love and compassion. You have so much motherhood it could not be limited to your one family but needed to be expressed to all spirits. So grateful for you!” Mary


“Julie, Thanx for helping as always. You always help me put it all into perspective.” Matt


“Wow……….that about sums up our session. I’m exhausted! It is such hard work to change beliefs (on whatever level) that no longer serve your highest good and internalize beliefs about yourself that do. On one level this scares me and I want to say “no way” to this work. BUT…..I know that I have worked all my life to be led to you. It is time for release.” Much love, Helen


“I have been wanting to write for a couple of weeks, but I have just found the right moment to do so. After the first couple of days from our first session, I began to feel long periods of wellness and strength. I still experience some fear and anxiety, but can close my eyes, when necessary, and get out of it. I am feeling different and when mulling over the past, I am able to let it rest and look to the future. I still can only manage about one thing at a time, multitasking is not working for me right now.

I have had a few bad dreams, that usually doesn’t happen. I look forward to continuing this work and becoming confident that I can take care of myself. What you shared with me was so true and powerful in helping me to move forward. Thank you.” Marcia
“Julie, thanks for the session. Interesting! I came home and DID something unusual. When I let my dogs in for dinner, Lela, my big black lover lab, came bounding in, running as fast as she could, threading her way around furniture. Normally, I would stop her, but this time, without a second thought, I joined in, running as fast as I could (with no thought to my back) to see if she could catch me. I have never done anything like that in my adult life! What fun! And yes, she did catch me.
Thought you’d get a chuckle. See you the 13th.” Bobbie


“Again, I appreciate you with all my heart for everything … You not only have given me tools to work with, you have given /are giving me, ME……
Hugs & love to you,” Kris


“I want to let you know how much I appreciate the work we did together. I believe I am implementing more of our work now then I actually did during the 6 months we worked together. I feel that I am more open to what I learned and am better able to incorporate it into my life.

The last few months have been quite up and down and have been a huge learning experience for me. During this time, I am so grateful to have many tools at hand to help me. The tools I gathered from you are tremendously helpful. Again, I thank you. You are in my thoughts.” Haley


“Thanks so much for your guidance and mentoring. I may not know where my next fork in the road will take me but I know I’m on the right path being with you! Blessings,” Cindy


“Thank you Julie! I’m really delighted about what you offered and assisted with today. Simply beautiful! Been using it already, felt like it made my afternoon flow with greater ease.” Ann


“I didn’t get to thank you yesterday properly. It’s extremely rare for me to get so much support and attention as you are giving to me – you know that.

If we get out of this hell safely you should write a book about me. I loved when you were talking about pure and pristine sensitivity, it sounded like a poem! and really true… Thank you very much,” Maka


“By the way, I have noticed some definite shifts in me since our last session. I really think I have finally released the anger and hurt, finally, related to the affair my husband had many years ago. I feel like a kinder, gentler version of myself! I had often had a tone in my voice and an attitude toward him that was kind of cutting or bitter. I didn’t like it but it was there. But not anymore! Thank you, thank you! It’s almost like I can’t remember clearly what happened, whereas before it was a vivid memory! Does that typically happen? I was more than ready to let that go, but couldn’t seem to do it without your help! You are amazing!” –C


“Thanks for the session. I am feeling so much happier lighter and joyful following that session. Am using my mantra a lot.” Mary


“After we spoke yesterday I seriously can’t even tell you how joyful I’ve been. I feel like allowing my soldier to step down it’s allowed me to find what I’ve been looking for. Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m missing someone. I thought maybe it’s Will or a family member of Jon or maybe I was missing period of my life, but none that seemed right. I’m happy with the time I’m at and my relationship with those around me. I couldn’t help but feel that I was missing myself, but that didn’t seem to make sense. Today when I was doing my lighthouse, it hit me. This was the part of me that I was missing. When I realized that it’s like my heart felt full. Full of joy and confidence. And I feel more connected to Spirit more than before. Thank you so much for showing me this! 😀 Much Love!!”


Wow. What an inspiration to work with you!!!  How do I thank you enough for your meditation, commitment and prayers in my behalf to the universe/God?   Loved the exercises! I will plug in and get going daily. JD


I feel like a completely different person since our last session! I have been reading the book, and meditating. I have asked for ideas and guidance for my business.  Well, I can’t wait to tell you some of the things I have
thought about and how my ideas will be so successful. I wake up in the morning and feel like I am on cocaine, I am just bursting with positive energy.
I can’t tell you how excited I am about this retreat.  I can’t wait to tell you guys about my plans. I honestly could do motivational speaking right now and everyone in my seminar would want what ever I am selling.
LeRoy is like a different person since I became so positive and focused.I love you, Jill


(Re: Consciously choosing to give every single day)
By the way, I have been stepping out of my comfort zone to do my giving and it has been fantastic! Tim


(Re: I consciously choose to experience this moment.)
I want to tell you about the changes I’ve been having since I’ve been doing that exercise you have me doing. Well it’s been great because I have noticed a change. I’ve been more in the now or present and it is like I feel differently so it’s pretty cool. I say it before I do workouts and I feel different and muscles working and things. Timeka


You are amazing! I am so blessed to have you part of my life’s journey here on earth. Your words answered some of my deepest questions of what I fear. You have been the one who gave me permission to acknowledge the resistance I feel, to bring it on 🙂 I have been journaling since December every day to understand what I fear, getting that resistance out in the open. I know I’m on a path of really loving – you know – genuine care for others and it begins with acceptance of me. I’m there girlfriend!
Thank you so much, those words sound so basic to my ears but mean so much from my heart! Love you, Jody Hill
Julie, your help, even though I was not very diligent about the exercises, has really helped me. I truly feel much more positive and in touch with my higher self. I know I still have an long way to go, but I want you to know how pleased I am with the progress you have helped me make. I am definitely happier with myself. Thanks. Bonnie


I just want to tell you how much I am loving my inner life with these tools you have taught me. I just feel brimming over with joy, love and peace! It is so awesome. Thank you. Jan


I’m grateful that you are in my life! I finally got the hang of the expanding exercise.  Haven’t got the true expansion experience yet but I know for sure it’s coming in my way shortly. Thanks to your wise guidance about my heart, I was able to clean up and dust off whole heart that now I can invite any body including whom I had felt intimidated and insecure around and still feeling secure and confident having them in my heart.  It is another level of security and confidence that I’ve never felt before. Thank you, thank you for this experience   Jenna

Hi Julie,

Hunter has been doing really well and demonstrating some incredible internal strength for his age and background.  We attribute his recently exhibited ability to take a stand under peer pressure to his work with you.  So many thanks to you!  If you find yourself curious about what he demonstrated – probably the quickest and easiest way to convey it to you would be with a short call – anytime that works for you. Sending you a big hug! Cindy


Hi Julie,

Hunter’s first week at elementary school went really well.  He was very appropriate when he was introduced to his new teacher on Monday morning.  When we first arrived at the school grounds he was almost immediately surrounded by at least 6 kids who knew him and were excited to have him going to Washington.  By Friday he was singing and dancing while getting ready for school!  He studied for and thinks he got 100% on his spelling test on Friday.  On Thursday night he asked if he could read out loud to me – and he read much better than I would have imagined.  We aren’t totally over the academic hurdles yet – but the week went exceptionally well considering the huge transition and he seems to be making huge strides in the right direction.  Hunter seems to be picking up lots of positive energy by being in a bigger social/peer pool and made some new friends this week.  All in all very, very positive! Thanks so much. Warm regards,  Cindy
While I was out for my run I was thinking about you and I wanted to share my thoughts with you.  I wanted to let you know that I am very thankful and grateful for you in my life.  There’s something about you that I really trust.  You come across as a very loving and genuine person that wants to make a positive difference in others lives.  I know that you are making a positive difference in my life and I believe that you can make a positive difference in Bela’s life as well.  I believe and trust you…Steve


I really feel that the work we have done has generated a wonderful improvement in my life that at this point is more internal vs external.  I look forward to the next adventure in this awakening!  Love Sandy


I feel like I have so many tools at my disposal.  My cup runneth over.  Thank you. It is interesting how confident I suddenly feel.  Since I have been home, many of the things I would be apprehensive about I just do now without thinking about it.  I have a new level of confidence.  I love energy healing!!!! Love you my friend, Joy


Hi Julie,
Thank you for such a helpful hour yesterday…I feel the cells of my body are different in just two sessions with you. You are such an amazing and dynamic woman. I knew my life would never be the same after meeting you but I really had no idea how much better it  would be.
I look forward to every time we get to talk. You just have an amazing way of delivering the info that is so clear and just so much fun to listen to. I am so Thankful to have met you and can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings. Hugs ~ Heidi

Thank You so much for all of your loving support, healing and empowerment. It has been instrumental for both of our healing and growth and Love up up and away!


And btw I have healed quite a bit myself and am the most calm relaxed and happy I’ve ever been. I also spoke with the woman I came out here to help a few years back last night for an hour and she was very pleasant an thanked me for all I did and the difference I made for the kids and her. That was very healing. I was in tears for two hours last night during the call and afterwards as I allowed that to wash over me. I know I made a difference but the way it ended had left me feeling hurt or depressed. Steve


I have been giving this a lot of attention, because normally I ‘get’ your lessons immediately, but this one was tough for me.  I think what opened it up for me was your last personal guidance, which told me to channel my thoughts, actions and voice through my godself.  Doing that has opened my Third Eye, so that I can now see into people’s souls.  It moved me so much on the bus on Saturday morning, that tears were rolling down my cheeks. Thank you for all your wonderful lessons. Love, Janet


Hi Julie!
I wanted to share this story from yesterday with you.  I have a very close girlfriend who is pregnant (she struggled to conceive) and at her ultrasound yesterday, the doctor indicated that they believe her baby girl has the markers for Down Syndrome.  However, they did additional tests and will know for certain in 8-10 days.  This news is, of course, very hard for anyone to hear, especially a first time parent.


At any rate, we spent most the afternoon and evening together and towards the end of the evening I shared the heart space tool with her because she was worried that her little girl growing inside her belly would feel her emotionally pulling away and she wanted her to know that she loved her just the same.  And here is when the magic happened, after talking her through finding her heart space and inviting her baby girl in, for the first time since she had received the news, her baby kicked!  We were all crying and just in awe of the power the heart space has!


Enjoy your weekend and thank you so much for such a powerful tool!  I am really happy to have it. Much love! Kim

So excited that is working for you too!!! I think two amazing women had a joyful connection and it amplified.  I just love doing this stuff with you!  You are one of my favorite people on earth. :)…Girl this visualizing joyful connection is knocking my socks off. I am LOVING it!!  Thanks for creating amazing stuff with me. You are such a blessing in my life. Heidi


You were absolutely right…The more I resisted…the more it persisted…I started taking the Dam down and letting my life resume its flow as soon as I read your email…..Makes perfect sense…
I find it amazing you can read that so easily…My mother and the whole family clan taught this lesson growing up..Never give in! Never forgive! Never ever let it go!
Last man or in their case women standing and screaming..Wins! My mother was one of 4 sisters and one brother. Always fighting and bickering and not speaking to someone for one reason or another for months/years on end. Its amazing how I can repeat this behavior over and over..Sometimes I think I’m even better at it because I have facts and use them ….
But you are right Julie, Stop the flow–everything clogs ups along with it… Just sometimes that part of letting go is hard..specially when I feel hurt…I know the kids sense this in me…and move even further away…its a bit like a plague..


Today I plan on welcoming work and all its challenges…the people here-the clients…and all their different ways…..Next-I’ll move onto the kids and Pam….one step at a time..easy does it..accept the things I cannot change and work with what I can..Learned and forgot that so many time in the program….Did you know next week I will have 10 years of sobriety?
Back to work…talk to you soon.


And thank you for thinking of me…your care and concern touches and warms my heart more then words can describe..Sincerely, Your buddy, Buddy


April 9, 2008
As for my excalibur sword process. For the first few times I felt I wasn’t really doing it right but the more I practiced the more visual it became. I’m at a point that when I do it after a minute or so, there is like a white light aura that I see around me when my eyes are closed! I literally see the light which totally freaked me out the first time it happened. I make my mind a clean slate if that makes any sense and I start to focus on the best qualities of me with a few more like gratitude, love and the power of an honorable soldier just to name a few. It’s getting move vivid with every session. I when I finish, I feel SO STRONG!!! I look in the mirror immediately and I don’t even recognize myself for a few moments, it soooo cool! I did it once when I got into a bad mood and it totally erased my dark feelings! I love this! The last two days there have been a few interesting things happen with my business too! I wanted to get an office with the leaders here in Chicago but for so long I thought it was an impossibility. I told myself I wanted to do it but I wanted a partner. I kid you not an investor that owned the office came up to me with a phone and said Beau wants to talk to you! He said: “I’m thinking about getting an office and Scott mentioned you may be interested in getting one too.” In my mind I was like Holy Cow! Today we moved into the office and we’re splitting it! Since I started doing this at night everything starts to fit together like puzzle pieces! I feel so good in my body too! Just happier and able to be creative with everyone on brainstorming my income making ideas! I feel so at home working with them in that office! For the first time in 6 months I feel truly liberated with no cap on my spirit!! There have been a few other instances similar to this where things just come together! OH YEAH ONE MORE THING!!! I was telling someone about all the good things that where happening and he and a few others made it quite clear that they we’re jealous, and for the first time, I didn’t feel guilty about it!!! It felt good man! One more thing… (Because I know this is a long email lol but I know you love it!) I feel like I’m only tapping into a fraction of my power… Which (like you said on our call) makes me a bit nervous. But you know what… BRING IT ON!!! I feel way too good to slow this one down 🙂 I feel like I’m floating in space and there is a random door floating as well. What I’ve done so far is peeked in to get a glance of my power/future and with the inch the door was cracked open, blinding light burst out and it was only open a crack!!! Got a great feeling about this year… it will be the year of EXCALIBUR!!! Email me back soon! I love your emails 🙂 Craig


Dear Julie,

You have helped me through so much in the past several years.  I don’t really understand how you do it or what it is you are doing even when you explain.  All I know is when I’m dealing with some tough stuff in my life, you help me find a way to find myself and make it through.  I don’t think I have ever needed that more than now. Jen




Feedback on Spiritual Vision Quest Program


I just want to say that I am very grateful for my new SVQ family! Just a few months into this program, and it has been quite an enlightening experience so far. I appreciate getting to know you all as a group and individually. I look forward to the months ahead. Love to you all! Liz



As always, thank you for the gift of you and this program.  For the first time, I am feeling connected to the Divine.  If that which we resist the most is what we most need in our lives, then it’s obvious that allowing and embracing my Divine Self is paramount.  As I experience True Forgiveness for Brad and me, I feel only love for me and for him.  My “truth” of the situation is not the truth. I feel lighter, freer – peaceful and loving and lovable.  My heart is open to possibilities again.  I feel worthy.  I trust that I will have the guidance I need as I move forward – moment to moment.  I will pay attention to that which causes me fear and that which I resist.  I honestly realize that my inability to love mySELF, wreaked havoc in my relationships – or should I say lack of honest, loving relationships.  What I continue to resist is truly embracing people and allowing them into my life – fully, completely, honestly.  My heart is open.  For the first time in a long, long time, I give it the possibility that I might share my life with another partner.  I was so adamant – so sure – that I would never again have (nor desire) anyone in my life.  The possibility makes me smile. With eternal love, Jodi


I also want to thank you for the space and love that both you and Ed have opened for us to embark on this journey – it is incredible.  Having attended many ‘self-help’ and some ‘spiritual’ workshops/retreats, I so appreciate your welcoming manner, and including all of us (and our foibles) in our greatness – you radiate love.  Even though your wisdom is vast, it feels like there is not the typical teacher/student, guru/disciple divide (not that you have ever set yourself up as the guru) and you embrace us all with love, joy and learning.  Thank you. Katie


Julie – one thought that I wish I had of verbalized to the 2nd group (and you can share if you care to), is that the important lesson(s) of learning to love myself and unconditionally accept myself would not have occurred without having done the personal work – each week.  The exercises, then feedback and support of the entire group, made such a difference – and kept me going thru some very challenging times.  I would suggest to anyone considering taking the SVQ, that each individual really “commit” to doing every activity, exercise, and grounding/balancing themselves daily – not just “if I have time, or…. If I think it makes sense…., or if I feel like it.”  The wonderful blessings and rewards do not come w/o the commitment and actual practicing of the principals and exercises until it becomes second nature – w/o even thinking about it.  I remember when I really realized there were only about 3 months left in this 18 month journey; feeling panicked and wishing that I had been more diligent in practicing everything.  I did make an intention to really experience the last 3 months to the best of my ability and handed it over to J.  And it is my Intent and Focus to make a habit of getting up 1/2 hour earlier every morning, grounding, clearing and balancing my chakra’s and subtle bodies and sending “love bombs” to proceed me and envelop throughout my day.  I can think of nothing more valuable for me ….and the World. Katie


I sat down at the computer last night after our call, and the words just flowed, it was divine inspiration.  Which (I may of mentioned the reason I  like Violet as my pen name) that being the color of the crown chakra, where most certainly this flows in and out.  I was so amped up after that, I wrote 2 more! didn’t go to bed until 1!I just feel so much joy, love and gratitude in my heart right now

THANK YOU for not giving up on me!
I love you and feel so much gratitude to have you in my life  – cannot imagine where I’d be without you. Liz

Thank you for your interest, support, encouragement and love and for teaching me how to live and love in tune with the Universe and universal energy. Love, Bonnie


Hi Miss Julie,

I know you are slammed but I have to tell you this has been the best week! I know yours has too. I wanted to tell you it is just getting better. I picked up a new customer today and sold a case of wine to her in Bonner’s Ferry, that is after picking up 3 new customers this week. I have done over $8700 in wine sales this month almost $8800 actually. And am going to get my wines into Coldwater Creek wine bar he told me today! What a great job.


I also was told by my guides 2 things. #1  I am going to get all 3 of your pictures, I don’t know how, but I know I am. The painting I have shows me where I have come from, the Portal shows me who I am and where I am going and the sailboat calms me when I get stressed. How cool is that?!


2ndly, I have a belief that I am holding,  ( i am still working on this one cause they told me when I was driving) that if I do really well, I will hurt other people’s feelings so I have been keeping myself small so my friends still love me. Isn’t that interesting? I know it was true with Matt and I think it might be true with Gary even though he is happy for me, he isn’t happy with what he is doing. I realized that I was trying to fix him and make his job more fun because I wanted him to be happy and I just quit doing it yesterday and it feels alot better.


Wow, this stuff is amazing! Well, off to my wine tasting at Winter Ridge. I am sure it will be a success!

Love you to pieces, you are one of the best things in my life! Beth


Dearest Julie -I am ‘Overjoyed with Gratitude’ for your continued wisdom and guidance – thank you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you again… My heart is bursting w/love and gratitude for all.


Hi, Julie!

I’m most likely going to write this email over a period of time.  I realized that, although in many ways I’m doing better, I am still not stepping into my life.  I feel content for the most part, but know that I must start to embrace life.  It feels as if my Ego is trying to completely sabotage my progress and attempting to get me to negate all the progress I’ve made.  (No, I do not “feel” that it’s trying to sabotage, I “know” that it is.)  Since having the root canal and a severe reaction and recuperation, I do things, but I’m staying pretty much inside my condo.  I am content.  I am actually happy.  I think my ego wants me to accept this reclusive way of living and convince me that this is enough – even convince me that I’m totally healthy and do not need this program, etc., etc., etc.  I know better.  That’s why I’m writing all of this down.  The reason I put “integration” in the subject line of this email is because I feel what I really need to do is integrate my “reclusiveness” – accept that part of me – embrace it – and yet know that I also have something to offer the world.  So much is becoming clear to me.  I know that I must be patient and allow all of this to unfold – to integrate.  My ability to be content while alone is not necessarily a detriment – as long as I don’t retreat completely.  I can integrate this “gift” with my other gifts.  I need courage.  So…it seems that Courageous Angel is an appropriate new archetype.  The peace I feel is wonderful.  The love I feel is amazing.  I am going to be patient and continue to allow all that the Divine has to offer.  I am going to be quiet and listen and ask for guidance as I try to take this next leap of faith.  I like writing this to you rather than simply writing it exclusively for myself.  Although…I suspect that my SELF knows, but just needs to be open to guidance.


Choosing happiness does not seem difficult these days. I’m allowing it and trying not to analyze it.  One of the things Bob and I did (which I got really tired of) was constantly analyze things.  After a while, it became really annoying.  What happened to just BEING?  I know that, for some reason, Bob grew tired of trying to “fix” me.  Yes, I exhibited some behaviors that were annoying and concerning for him, but he seemed to think that it was his job to fix me.  I guess I must have allowed him to feel that way.  I love the fact that I have truly forgiven both of us.  So freeing!!!  It is a challenge to not look back and wish I could have been wiser – more conscious – but, now, it is no longer the constant recording that plays over and over and over in my mind.  Having a quiet mind is such a blessing!  Feeling only love for Bob and myself is such a gift. I am so grateful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Feeling a lot of sadness and thinking of the loss of Bob.  I was so angry and hurt that I forgot all the wonderful, loving, adventuresome times we had.  Oh, I didn’t forget them; they were just pushed aside.  It’s so easy to negate all that I accomplished with Bob – all that we did together. My intention this week is to discover a way to give to the community – to those who need some assistance.  I don’t simply want to give money; I want in some way to touch the lives of others.

Found myself reading one of your articles, Satisfied with Doing the Best You Can.  (I’ve been reading your articles and newsletters every day – starting from the earliest and slowly working my way to the present.  I always glean valuable and insightful information.)  I realized that as I read this article this morning, I am still “hooked” with not doing what I wished I’d done with regard to Lisa.  I still ponder how things might have been different if I’d listened to myself, my instincts, instead of listening to Bob and other “professionals.”  I guess I must feel guilty.  I think my “knowing self” knew better at the time.  But…after reading your article, I know that I have to stop this “chatter” in my mind.  When you said, “choose not to light the fuel with fuel from the past,” I fully realized how damaging my constant replaying of “my perceived mistakes” with Lisa truly are.  God!  Time to let go.  You said…it was the best you could do…then. Maya Angelou said, “You did then what you knew how to do, and when you knew better, you did better.” This is one of the quotes I often use, but find difficult to embrace – obviously.  So…Julie, you bring me comfort and wisdom every day. And…I am so grateful for you and this program!


Think I’ll close for now and send this.  Thank you for listening and being in my life!!  What a huge difference you have made in my life – in my journey!! With love always and forever!! J


Hello Julie,
I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you listen to your guide.  I definitely had something to say and felt a bit uncomfortable bringing it up on my own.  I was genuinely torn between trusting the process and the feeling of wanting more.  The more I get to know you, the more I am experiencing a truly beautiful being.  I so appreciate the work you do and what you give to the world. Each moment we share together you show me how to take a stand for myself in a way that also honors everyone else.  In essence you are giving me permission to be my divine self and for that I thank you.  As I work through the practices you have given me, I will email you with any questions or amazing experiences I have. I love you and again thank you for BEING you! Joy


I was on your Facebook page today and saw the photo of you with the bird.  Wow!!  Gary is right: You are one with nature.  Amazing!!…By the way, Julie, you are not just one with nature, you are one with the Universe.  I feel blessed to be on this journey with you.  As I’m writing this I can feel both Bob and Hope smiling.  Hope introduced me to you, and Bob…well, Bob always wanted me to realize my loving and powerful SELF.  Thank you!! Hugs and love to you and Ed!! J


This is what I learned in the SVQ program:
Harboring anger and resentment mean you have created an emotional bond or link to that person. The only way to free yourself and your energy is by forgiveness. ♥ It’s all about choices ♥ beth


Hi, Julie! I’m home sitting up in my bed with an ice pack on my back.  FEELS GOOD!!!! What a loving and incredible journey we’ve had!! I love you and will be eternally grateful for the gift of Julie. Steven, Nathan’s son, left his body this morning. Very sad for all, but I KNOW that Steven’s Divine Self will be FOREVER. Thank you for connecting with him!! It was comforting for me, as well as, for Steven.  Jodi


I know I will never be able to thank you enough for all the special gifts you have brought into my life. I just hope you know how special your are in general and to me! I love you dearly and I know your path is not an easy one but one that is filled with joy and love and awakening. However I can be of service to you, I am here for you. Thank you for changing my life. I truly love you! B


Hi julie,

i wanted to tell you why my soul picked you as my healer.  I know it is because i needed someone to show me what it means to live consciously in my light.  I couldn’t have asked for anyone else because i also feel that our souls had a contract to find each other.  Did you know i moved back to salt lake the same year u moved to utah?  I think about that and i am at awe with how our spirit organizes what we need to learn and who we need to meet along the way.  Thank you for seeing me in a sisterly light today and for inviting me to the graduation festivities.  🙂 It feels so honoring.  I am so glad that i got to learn from you and beth today and that ed is home safe.


p.s…my guidance says to tell you how i felt about my svq experience.  It was worth it.  Everything we learned together was in perfect timing and in speed.  On a soul level we were guided to the very places we needed to go.  Trust that my dear friend.  Much love and gratitude and i cant wait to learn even more together.  Love, liz


Thank you so much for making time for me today.  I really needed a bit of encouragement and guidance from a friend.  You are someone I trust and I really HEAR what you have to say.  Thank you.  I am encouraged to hear that it did not just come to you right off and that the difficulty I am experiencing is normal to some degree.  I am reminded that everything is just as it should be and I am learning and growing at the pace that is needed for me right now.  Once again the word “Surrender” is the word of the day.  What I really want to do it visit myself as an old person and get some kind of word of encouragement from her but I’m just not sure how to go about it.  I will ask in my next meditation and see if my guidance will shed some light.  Thanks again my friend, Joy


Today was the greatest conference call – so far !!  It was so inspiring !!


Can’t wait to receive the quote from the Course of Miracles that Joy read — and the meditation from Julie.  Both were perfect.


FYI, Julie is the only one I have told – that the Phoenix is my Spirit Guide – which came to one day, and I knew it was because:  Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person.  This is what I am doing in Spiritual Vision Quest 3.  Love, Janet


16 months ago, before your program I would have handled my husband’s passing very differently.  I envision myself having been very stoic and closed off from others as well as my own feelings.  Thank you for caring enough about me to be there through my growing pains of the past months and for giving me the tools to move forward.

I love you, Joy


Thank you for reminding me what to do for the EB spirits, I was able to identify the attachments and had a much happier EB spirit to assist – our daughter Makell tells me last night – thank you so much for what you did, I feel more like myself than I have in years.  Then she comments her Emma is not feeling well. This little girl is 2 years old and gets sick often, she goes a bit wild at times – yes like a possession, I figured I would check…


I have to tell you Julie, that was an amazing experience. It’s hard to put into words, I felt so connected to an unseen spirit just like I do when I do karmic work on someone living.  I have put so much trust into Jewels that it has become easier and easier to just listen and hear as clearly as I do with my physical ears.  Thank you! Love you tons!!! Jody


I had to roll my eyes last night.
There are no coincidences. Right?

If I’m not mistaken, the assignment is to be more aware of coincidences
and to be more aware of the “language of the spirit”.

So, not only was the subject of the call “there are no coincidences”
but… Yesterday at work, hours before the call, I was speaking with B, a co-worker who is VERY into alternative energies just like you (and I am learning to be) and I expressed to him my frustration at not being able to make the ‘face clock’ work for me.He knew instantly what I was talking about and proceeded to try to explain to me about how it is not necessarily the face, but intuitive/spirit feedback can be found all over the body (something we had already discussed in class).We were sitting in Master Control. He had his back to all of the monitors. He’s also blind in one eye and wears extremely thick glasses.(I mention this to demonstrate he had NO subconscious prompts).  He said to me, “Jay, be aware of the feeling; the energy, for many, comes from the bottom of the body, between the legs and feels like… well, it feels sort of like… well you know, sort of like a warm volcanic plume erupting from the lower part of the body”

At that very second – and I mean EXACTLY – an underwater volcanic plume appeared on the monitor BEHIND HIM. It was like it was SCRIPTED. I didn’t mention this on the call yesterday because I was aware of Jody and it didn’t feel right to be giddy about something so awesomely incredibly coincidental. Or not coincidental. 😉 I interpret that moment to mean “Birrel knows what he’s talking about. Listen to him”


TODAY, I’m having lunch at my favorite deli, and I finish my salad and I walk outside and it is one of those incredible San Francisco days – PERFECT weather, warm, and Sutro tower in the distance with fog around it’s legs and I LOVE THIS CITY and I am pouring out gratitude and I think about manifesting and I thought, “Well, okay, so if I were to be offered my dream job, it would be at an educational facility working with younger people in a creative environment doing support and some instruction”. And that’s all I thought. I got back to my desk and start collecting my thoughts about what I need to do before the end of the day and I check my email and HOLY EFFING SHITE there’s an email from a head hunter looking for a video professional who knows about video streaming who can support college sports. Julie, in 12 years at KQED I have received ONE other solicitation from a job recruiter. I thought “DAMN IT!!! WHY COULDN’T I HAVE BEEN MORE SPECIFIC!!!!!!!” I was amazed none the less. I can’t get excited about sports but I told the recruiter I would be interested in more details. So NO COINCIDENCES? I’m beginning to believe.


You know what else?
As I was driving home, it stuck me: my entire life I have been energetically living like the skin of an apple. I have been cognizant and conceptually aware of things like “presence” and “spiritual resonance” and “energy frequencies” and the like, but it’s all been
academic. It’s been the stuff I read in books. It has NOT been personally realized. And now, it’s as if I have dipped my toe into the
water, and HOLY CRAP MAN, I cannot WAIT to GET THIS. I really WANT IT. I know that what you are offering us IS the speed reading course and I feel SO LUCKY that somehow, I got to know you in this life and that our friendship has worked out in this way. There is SO MUCH MORE to me than I ever believed. I cant’ WAIT to really feel it. I love you Julie!
Just wanted to share this most awesome of epiphanies. xoxojay


I get clear when I am here, here being at Julie’s and here being Spirit. Lindy


I am so glad that I did the program and look forward to the continuation. Whatever form it takes, the retreats are essential. That is where deep and magical things happen and we experience the raising of our vibrations as a group. I am still high!! Thank you sooo much Julie. I hope that we Sandpoint tribal members will get together often to break bread and be in each others presence.Gretchen