Core Belief Restructuring


The Six Month Focus Program


Core Belief Restructuring


CBR is a healing modality aimed at releasing restrictive beliefs held at a non-conscious level that limit your highest potential. A session involves locating those innermost beliefs, understanding why they are there and creating an opportunity to let them go. As you do this, you essentially engage in reprogramming your world. As writer, director, producer and main actor of your own story, most of us operate from the perspective of helpless victim, managing the best we can with what life throws at us. CBR brings awareness and healing, placing you firmly in the captain’s chair with your highest potential as guiding light.


If you consciously knew what stood between you and your brightest self, you would already have removed it. The difficulty comes when the blocks are hidden in the deep storage of your non-conscious self. How do you get them out? How do you even know they are there? CBR is a method of locating these sabotaging beliefs and assisting you in releasing them.


What you find is your world begins to open up. Walls that previously felt so firm fall away, shifting relationships, opening channels to creativity, guidance, abundance and ideas, bringing freedom, self-honor, the ability to receive, and to be able to accept or give love. Only you know if you are ready to step it up, to release what prevents you from living your highest expression. But when you are, CBR is there to assist you over a wall!


Sessions in person or by phone



The Six Month Focus Program


Aimed at supporting conscious personal spiritual growth, this 6 month commitment offers a unique plan created expressly for you. Each focus includes tasks, tools, new awareness, shifts in perspective, and/or intentions for the month. The Program includes Core Belief Restructuring sessions that change the inner programming as well as monthly focuses that provide a consistent arrow to your highest potential. It is comprised of one appointment or call per month. Some of those are CBR and some Personal Focuses, depending upon how quickly you integrate the non-conscious work facilitated by CBR.


The purpose of committing to 6 months is that when you hit a wall or a rough spot in your growth, you don’t bail, you push through it and you have someone there to help you. It is for those individuals serious about spiritual transformation and is very effective as a method of overcoming personal obstacles, fears and inner saboteurs. Step into a sense of freedom you have never known.


Monthly sessions in person or by phone.




Julie conducts CBR and Focus program sessions at her office in Sandpoint, ID, or by telephone.