Winter Light

by Julie January 6, 2015

Years ago a woman suggested that winter was a time for candles and she really welcomed the darkness. Now that I live so far north, I understand. We lose the actual sun on our house behind the mountain at 12:49pm the last day of December. That means shadows and reflections all afternoon til it is pitch dark by 4.

I have taken her wisimage01217dom and added many kinds of lights to my home in winter. I have sparkly Christmas icicle lights all year around the kitchen window, candles with a little battery in them. You shake them and they light and even flicker, but they don’t ever drip or burn out. We have canisters that sit on the floor behind plants to light up the dark corners. Wax candles, tea lights, a glass mask on the wall with a little candle behind it~ all to bring warmth and light into the dark winter months.

I can’t help feeling it is a metaphor for finding ways to light the darkness within~ if you are creative and brave enough to light the dark corners of your world, perhaps it isn’t as scary you imagine with pure dark to fuel the fear.

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