What do you do better than anyone else?

by Julie February 4, 2016

She travels between worlds picIn reading an article from Forbes about creating an effective bio, this author William Arruda asked the question, What do you do better than anyone else? as a way to form your personal statement. That got me thinking. What DO I do better than anyone else?

Everyone has a specialty, a gift, a certain passion or purpose, but most of the time, at least this has been my experience in working through this with clients, people don’t recognize it in themselves. Others in a group can see it, and I may point it out, and once they see it themselves, they say, “Oh, that, doesn’t everyone have that ability?”

One of the ways you can get to your own answer is begin with a list of words that describe your passion and your values. List them. Optimistic, energetic, open-hearted, allowing, fearless, trail blazer, unafraid to act on personal convictions, love to inspire others or to cook or to hike or to read or blog. Then allow those words to ignite that certain je ne sais quoi that makes you uniquely YOU! You will be amazed at how life confirming it is~ yes, you have a purpose! You are expressing the Creative Impulse in only the way that YOU can!!

This picture someone sent me describes my uniqueness~ Thank you, Janet for that!

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