Have you ever asked this question? Before you sank back down into the sofa, did you have a momentary thought that there must be something you could do, the world is such a mess?


Well, there is. And it is really simple. In fact, it is so simple it truly could spark a revolution!


If you alone decided to not make anyone wrong, you would single-handedly change your life. If you chose to honor that everyone is different, that everyone came here to express the Creative Impulse in their own unique way, could you even imagine what would happen?


Think about just one single day. Instead of berating a co-worker for parking in the wrong spot, you allow that experience to unfold for you what it will. Instead of criticizing someone for doing something differently than you would, you allow them to do it their way. Instead of shaming a young person for being late or sleeping too long or touching another person’s privates, you find a way to share your feelings without making them wrong. Is it wrong to sleep too late? Wrong to miss a class? Wrong to want to be intimate with someone else? It may not be what you had in mind, but it is not wrong.


Your personal ideas and beliefs are filters you wear like glasses. If yours say Not Good Enough, Shameful, Worthless or Unlovable, then they will print across everything you see. You will then judge the things you view and experience according to your filters, but in truth, they are only your filters.


Here is what you can do, and it is significant:


Choose to accept this challenge, even for just one hour or one day. Try it. In what you think, say and feel, don’t make anyone wrong.


No eye rolling, no smirking, no humphing noises, no nothing. You are going to see everyone and everything (including you) as perfect expressions of creation energy. Everyone is unique. Why is everyone always trying to make everyone else think like THEM? That would be a pretty depressing and boring world. Oh wait, that’s what we have!


Thus our fascination with zombies, we recognize what we have become. How to undo the inevitable zombie invasion? Live and let live. That’s an easy way to remember not to make anyone wrong. Live and let live.


This does not mean you are a door mat, it simply means you take responsibility for your feelings, your desires and needs. You don’t blame, shame or guilt someone else to make it be their problem when your needs are not being met. You can do this. One day: Try it: Live and let live. Everyone will be astonished!

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