Welcome Spirit Seekers

by Julie April 13, 2013

Welcome! This forum is dedicated to those who are seeking ~ answers, different perspectives, community ~ and want a higher response. Our world is ego-based, that means me first, keeping self safe, competition, exclusion, limitation and fear. The way we were raised, taught, educated and how we experience each other is largely through the filter of the ego and our personal needs.


You know this doesn’t make you feel very good, but where do you go when you want another story? It all feels so much like a game, sometimes we win, sometimes we don’t.


How do you reallocate energy and resources from the ego to something wiser? Or at least more inclusive and loving? Who shows us how?


There are a lot of people looking for that way of experiencing life, and this forum is one place you can find them. Please don’t be shy, I can assure you, someone else shares your same concern or question and there are many people who have already experienced that.


Feel free to share, ask questions, post comments, inspirations or consternations. My commitment to you is to keep the quality of response the highest vibration.


–    Julie

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