Today is a new day

by Julie June 3, 2014

lighthouse-in-stormEvery day it is a challenge to keep your space above the common denominator of chaos.  7 billion people are all experiencing something different, changing moment to moment. The mixture of all those emotions, responses, thoughts and feelings is chaos. Just like when you blend all the colors together, you get brown.

What if you want to experience something OTHER than chaos or brown? You have to choose. The consensus reality will pull you down into chaos. Your purpose then is to find as many creative ways to shine your unique light above the chaos no matter how many obstacles and deterrents prevent you from doing that.

What can you do? It seems that every day requires a new method. Sometimes an empowering quote reminds me I can choose to shine, sometimes it requires that I stop what I am doing and journal my confusion out til it becomes clarity. And sometimes I can do something kind for someone and it brings me back and other times I need to step into my inner landscape and step into my own lighthouse and consciously extend my light. Whatever it takes, the challenge is there: Step into your brilliant light or live in the brown chaos!

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