Taking it on the Road

by Julie November 27, 2014

This winter I will be offering a workshop based on some clear and practical methods of drawing to you the life you want. It is called Tools for Reprogramming your Life and first stop is Michigan in January. Then Seattle in February and hopefully the Denver area in March.

There is so much misunderstanding about the Law of Attraction, about setting goals and intentions, about the difference between what the conscious and the non-conscious mind’s role is in co-creating. This workshop clarifies simply and clearly how you create your reality, how to intentionally participate in that and how to set goals with Spirit directing.

I am being hosted by a wonderful couple in Kalamazoo who have a meditation center and I am fortunate enough to have them support me in getting the word out about the workshop. In Traverse City, Michigan, an organization called Mariposa Pathways (a women empowering women non-profit) is hosting the workshop. What a blessing to be able to connect with so many more people and share the passion that I have.pumkin front scene mini

If you live in either area or want to direct someone this way, check out the calendar of events for more info and a flier.

Grand Traverse Circuit in Traverse City, MI

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