Summer Girls Camp

by Julie July 19, 2014

Each year I feel compelled to offer a camp for young teens. And half way through, I ask myself, Julie, WHY? But it wasn’t til the end of the week this year that I remembered the answer! A challenging group, difficult to merge, all beautiful young women with wonderful attributes and big hearts, they ALL seemed to want to hide them. It didn’t matter how gorgeous or how talented, how expressive or how sweet, they were playing small for the first few days. Hiding behind their insecurities, finding shields in their toughness, when Mary and I finally broke through (and honestly, I had resigned myself to letting it go~ isn’t that when it always happens?) we were completely blown away at the total joy of it!
The group came together in an authentic and loving way and while we watched them dance to Bob Marley on that last night, all boundaries had been released, all borders let down. Pure joy!

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