Staying in Bull’s Eye ain’t easy

by Julie February 7, 2017


Living a life wheDSCN4758n you’re expressing your passion all the time isn’t always easy. Sometimes it requires reinventing yourself. It means asking some hard questions, like what about my life do I love, what parts don’t enthuse me anymore and what are the specific gifts am I compelled to share just now?


Usually you will find that as you grow, so too do your passions and the lessons that come with them. The key then becomes, what do you do with the answers? For me, it was a very dark day when I decided not to offer my signature Spiritual Vision Quest program, but when one of my friends said it because I had learned everything I needed to from teaching the program, I knew she was right. Nine years and 8 programs later, hey, I never said I was a QUICK learner, I finally got it. What now?


The process was one of emptying out and letting go, of everything…all the programs, workshops, retreats, ideas I had about what my future would look like, expectations others had of me, images of myself…all of them. What happened next was sitting with the emptiness, feeling the emotions that come from feeling purposeless, floating, passionless. These are feelings I was not familiar with and needed time to make friends with them. At one point, I thought my life was coming to a close so I prepared a will and had it notarized.


But one ordinary Tuesday the light came back on, the ideas started to flash again, the passion started pouring forth and I was exhilarated. Something new and something perfect, something I need to learn and something I can teach, something effortless and something challenging, something fun and something profitable! After trying on several packages, what resulted was a communications and relationship training organization. HOW perfect for me!
Not only does this allow me to do what I do so well, communicate and have meaningful relationships, but it gives me the opportunity to offer ‘soft’ skills (integrity, passion, humility and truth) that are the differentiating factors between people succeeding for a lifetime or for a viral and soon forgotten moment. And best of all, I get an opportunity to learn the lesson of listening. Because if I don’t listen to my customers and what they need and want, what kind of example of a communicator will I be?


Stay tuned for the new web page and more info! What needs reinventing in your own life? No time like the present!

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