Saying YES to Stepping UP!

by Julie November 15, 2017

One of the things I have realized in training people in leadership is that most everyone is a leader if they just step up and say yes. Of course, there are naturally born leaders, people who can’t seem to follow, born to lead, but inside everyone is a potential leader. When you interview people who have done heroic things, they always say they did not consider it heroic, just the thing that needed to be done.

Everyone gets to a place in their life where they feel they want to step up, step up to something more meaningful, more responsibility, more prestige or simply step up to more of what they were meant to be. Stepping up does not mean being a leader necessarily, but it does mean making decisions that change things. And isn’t that what leaders do? They make decisions that have consequences. And guess what? Not all those decisions have excellent outcomes, but you can always make another decision. But without stepping up, saying yes to what that next step brings in your life, you will never have the opportunity to experience the growth, the empowerment, and the challenges that come from the higher vantage point that next step provides.

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