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Current Quarterly Newsletters
March 2016: What Can You Do?

2015 Newsletters

December 2015: Believe in Yourself
September 2015: Where god is There you are
June 2015: What does Turning it Over Really Mean??
March 2015: Funk or Transition?

2014 Newsletters

March 2014: Big Love
June 2014: Tuned In?
Special announcement – New Book!
Sepember 2014: Whose World is it?
December 2014: Are you writing the story you want?

2013 Newsletters
December 2013: Christmas Kindle Gift

September 2013: The Challenge Awaits

June 2013: Focus on Joy

2007 Newsletters
October: What do you Fear?

November: Painting a New Family Portrait

December: The end of Another Time Segment

2008 Newsletters
January: Fear of Change

February: Valentine’s Day at the Post Office

March: What is God Anyway?

April: Generosity Made Simple

May: The Magician’s Hands

June: You are the Action Verb

July: The Mask, the Mirror, and the Illusion

August: Believing in Yourself

September: Everything is OK

October: What About Politics?

November: It Is Time

December: A Down Turning Economy – or Not

2009 Newsletters
January: Have Faith in Your Relationships

February: What are Your Thoughts Doing to Your Life

March: Who am I or Rather Who am I Not

April: The Power of the Truth of Innocence

May: Looking for a Deeper Fulfillment

June: Fathers as a Metaphor for God

July: Juicy Joy Joy

August: Spiritual Vision – the Doorway Home

September: What is Shifting Perception?

October: Releasing All Judgements

November: Finding the Beloved

December: Em-Powering Isn’t Over-Powering

2010 Newsletters
January: Who am I and Who is Forgiving What

February: What Kind of Screenwriter are You

March: Nourishing the Spirit?

April: The Will to Live or the Will to Die?

May: What is Love?

June: When Can You Experience Peace?

July: Creating Ripples

August: The Pain of Separation

September: The Time is Now

October: Rewriting History

November: Gratitude as a Venue for Manifesting Desires

December: Unmasking the Many Faces of Resistance

2011 Newsletters
January: Business as Unusual

February: Who are You Collaborating With?

March: A Job Well Done

April: Killing You Softly (part 1)


May 2011 begins a new format for the Newsletters. Clicking on the link will take you to an online version of the newsletter, not a pdf file.


May: Killing You Softly (part 2)

June: Are You Living in Your Full Radiance?

July: What is Your Motivation?

August: Understanding Where Beliefs are Stored

September: Value at What Cost?

October: Be the Expression that Most Suits Your Heart

November:  What Someone Else Thinks of You is None of Your Business

December: Boundaries Without Guilt

2012 Newsletters
January: What Was THAT About?

February: Speaking the Language of Separation

March: Spring and Taxes

April: Who You Are is Perfect

May: Follow Your Heart

June: Heeding the Signs

July: Be the Solution

October: What Choices does a Victim have?


October 2012  was Julie’s final e-newsletter in preparation for the new blog-style website.

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• Voice of Choices Magazine: Article Compilation
• River Journal: Article Compilation
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