Knot or Ease?

by Julie April 26, 2013

Do you have a way to listen to your heart? And what does that mean anyway? It simply means listening to what you really want to do deep down, under the shoulda, couldas and wouldas. We often numb that voice at an early age, opting for the logical brain. That is until we get somewhere in our later years and wonder where has all the joy and wonder gone? It is found on the heart path.


A simple way to regain your connection with your heart is to try this easy exercise. Ask yourself a question about a decision you are facing. It can as simple as going to a party or not, or as serious as whether to take a new position in a different city. You simply ask yourself the question like this, Do I want to go to the party? Pause. Listen: you may feel a knot in your stomach or a feeling of momentary ease, perhaps a warm sensation all through your torso. Then ask, Do I want to stay home from the party? Knot or Ease? Perhaps there is a third option (there almost always is) and so ask, Is there something altogether different I would like to do this evening? Knot or Ease?


Start the communication with your inner desires and you will find that all kinds of unexpected shifts in your normal day occur! And if you got a knot just from hearing that, it probably means you may dread the shifts, then ask if you are ready? Now, do you sense the ease?

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