Advantage Interpersonal Relations Training


the business of understanding: helping people be understood, communicate and connect


In a world where business appears to have pervaded every corner of the world, where integrity is not modeled as a valuable commodity, and where having a social media following has become the yardstick for success, how do you garner a competitive edge and still stay true to your values? How do you create a work environment that allows the people who live and work there to feel nourished and thrive while still being competitive in your industry? How do you make the most of your employees, help them feel valued and produce an environment that spawns creativity and growth?


The answer is surprisingly simple. People want to be accepted, appreciated and understood, whether they are your clients or employees or family members. Connecting, communicating and listening to them then become the key to success at any level.


“In a connected world, individuals and organizations that make the strongest connections win. In the past, our products and services ~our whats~ were our key to success. Today, whats have become commodities, easily duplicated or reverse engineered. Sustainable advantage and enduring success, for both the companies and the people who work for them, now lie in the realm of how.


Today how we behave and interact with others is the ultimate differentiator. The qualities that most once thought of as ‘soft’~ integrity, passion, humility and truth, have become the hard currency of business success and the most powerful drivers of reputation and profitability.”  -Dov Seidman “HOW: Why HOW We DO Anything Means Everything…in Business and in Life”


The question only remains, how to do that when everyone communicates differently, when everyone sees the world from their own way of understanding and spoken or unspoken languages that have value to them? How do we accept someone if we don’t know what is important to them? How do we offer appropriate appreciation to the right person in their language? And how do we hope to help someone feel understood if we can’t understand them ourselves?


This is what Advantage Interpersonal Relations (AIR) Training answers. We help you find simple and effective ways to determine what kind of communicator you are dealing with, how to best understand them, appreciate them and inspire them! Without grave effort, these simple tools set you apart from others in your field and actually begin to draw to you inspired, appreciative and communicative people (employees, clients and vendors)! After all, you are now fertile soil for them. That’s what you’ll grow.


We help you communicate and understand one another as easily as breathing AIR!


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