by Julie June 18, 2014

Ed and I have been writing a paranormal mystery novel together for the last year or so and it is finally done!


It started out as simply an idea for a winter project, I witnessed something while hiking up the mountain behind my house and it took off from there. We wrote our chapters through the eyes of our own characters (Nick Drake and Laura Wexler)and then put them together and voila! Amazing how it came together and dovetailed so perfectly.


We drew on both our varied past and personal experiences and it became a paranormal mystery because, as you can imagine, I couldn’’t help but include my metaphysical world. It takes on a life of its own though and even Ed and I were surprised at the ending!! Trust me, there won’t be a dry eye at the end, and as one friend says, read it in the daylight! ha!


So far all our review readers have asked the same question: When is the next one coming out? Well, the plan is February 2015!


The Untidy Witness is now available in kindle form and the print version will be on Amazon in July.

Untidy Witness – Amazon Kindle

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