Empowering Women

by Julie June 18, 2013

Someone tell me why it is so hard to empower women? Do women generally speaking put themselves last, after the husband, kids, chores and the cat? What is the deal, do women say they want to be empowered, but really maintain value in the unspoken dutiful services they perform for the family? Is there value in martyrdom? My boys retreat is the first to fill of everything the whole year. Do they have trouble having fun, saying they want something and expect to get it? Hardly.


My question to you today is are you ready to honor yourself and do you have a concept what that means? What does that mean to you? To honor yourself: as Kris says, to let yourself dream, to speak up for yourself, to do or be something you really want, to choose something for yourself without anyone’s approval or suggestion, to follow your heart. Are you really ready to do that, or just say you are? It makes all the difference in the world.

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Comments & Discussion

    Liz Adkinson June 29, 2013 at 4:41 am

    In my experience, I feel guilty for doing what I love to do, taking time for myself, and for expressing to others what I need to feel happy. And yet, I know that it is because I have this desire to please others, to be the dutiful and good. Why is it “bad” for a woman to be strong and out rightly vocal? This doesn’t make sense to my brain and yet my behavior leads itself into the dutiful. Is it so many years of women being “trained” in this way? Whatever the reason, I would love to find the peace from the guilt. Interesting quandaries indeed!

    Julie July 6, 2013 at 1:52 am

    Thanks, Liz, for offering a very real and often unknown saboteur~ that’s the Dutiful Daughter syndrome, or the Dutiful Son. It is a way of being validated or feeling worthy by being a ‘good girl or boy’. We don’t usually know we are doing it, but find ourselves feeling guilty if we are not being what we think our parents, husband or someone else thinks we should be doing, which usually means serving, sacrificing or some other method of NOT empowering OURSELVES> I love how you put it and you’re right, it does not make sense. Yet think about how many centuries women have been owned, second-class citizens or treated the same as farm animals! Amazing that we can even ask for what we want at all!!


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