by Julie December 23, 2013

Some of you have already felt it, but the winds of transformation are blowing and 2014 promises one thing: Change. Not sure what it will look like for each person, but I guess that depends upon where you are living in your own personal integrity, your purpose, or who is captaining your ship. In order to insure that this year will bring what you desire, be sure and send your Love Scouts (see The Mask, the Mirror and the Illusion, […]


by Julie December 9, 2013

DSCN2324 This time of year can be such a joy, but it can also be extremely stressful. There seems to be so many self-imposed duties, from baking for the office to making sure everyone on the list is accounted for and packages mailed out.

The thing I want to mention is about receiving. Most of […]


by Julie November 4, 2013

heart leaf

Just finishing a short book written by a hospice doctor, I am left feeling the profundity of the end of life wisdom. It is the greatest and most potent wisdom we can ever hear, yet we rarely think of it. In fact, many people discount end of life wisdoms as hallucinations or coping mechanisms brought on by pain […]


by Julie October 23, 2013

WHAT a fabulous first Challenge!! I am so delighted. The people involved were so eager for everything I had to offer and went as deep as I guided! It really was not a retreat at all, in fact, one woman suggested we call it an advance, since that is what it felt like it did for her life. It was a real joy; exhilarating, fascinating, engaging and very expansive! Thank you!!



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Be the Beets in the Poo!

by Julie October 5, 2013

So I was having lunch today with my friends, Liz, Erica and Lucie and we started discussing what we can do to counter the chaos of the world. I made the analogy that all the billions of vibrations everyone is sending out, consciously or not, are creating this massive energy of chaos. No single energy is dominant. Like poo, no matter what you eat, how colorful it is or beautiful, they all turn brown when you mix them together EXCEPT […]


Meeting of Spiritual Minds

by Julie August 5, 2013

Last week the 2013 Spiritual Vision Quest group met for their second of four intensives of the program. It was a week of lifting up and over some hurdles and we had tons of fun! They really got the use of their many powerful inner and outer tools.The food was FAB as Cyndi (see the short one in the pic!) was in charge of it and not only was it healthy and tasty, it was beautiful. What a joy! You […]


Empowering Women

by Julie June 18, 2013

Someone tell me why it is so hard to empower women? Do women generally speaking put themselves last, after the husband, kids, chores and the cat? What is the deal, do women say they want to be empowered, but really maintain value in the unspoken dutiful services they perform for the family? Is there value in martyrdom? My boys retreat is the first to fill of everything the whole year. Do they have trouble having fun, saying they want something […]


something to think about fathers

by Julie June 3, 2013

Have you ever stopped to consider your relationship with your father? I imagine you have just gotten used to it, whatever it is. However, it is also a great way to gauge your non-conscious relationship with your Creator or God. Do you feel that your father is cold and uncaring? Is your father warm and unconditionally accepting? Do you feel your father is unavailable? Does your father love you no matter what or only on his terms? Today use this […]


Knot or Ease?

by Julie April 26, 2013

Do you have a way to listen to your heart? And what does that mean anyway? It simply means listening to what you really want to do deep down, under the shoulda, couldas and wouldas. We often numb that voice at an early age, opting for the logical brain. That is until we get somewhere in our later years and wonder where has all the joy and wonder gone? It is found on the heart path.


A simple way to regain […]


In Gratitude

by Julie April 19, 2013

Each person is the compilation of every encounter, every relationship, every smile they ever had and it is with much gratitude that I look at the experiences that brought me to be here now. Looking at all the many pictures and faces, experiences and memories from this web page, I feel so abundantly blessed. My cherished friends and co-workers from California, my neighbors and wonderful community from Utah, my family that loves and supports me, friends from childhood and all […]


Welcome Spirit Seekers

by Julie April 13, 2013

Welcome! This forum is dedicated to those who are seeking ~ answers, different perspectives, community ~ and want a higher response. Our world is ego-based, that means me first, keeping self safe, competition, exclusion, limitation and fear. The way we were raised, taught, educated and how we experience each other is largely through the filter of the ego and our personal needs.


You know this doesn’t make you feel very good, but where do you go when you want another story? […]