Understand your most challenging relationships and yourself as well.


What if you could see your most difficult relationships as stepping-stones instead of stumbling blocks? This book takes coincidence out of your vocabulary and enables you to find meaning and ultimately healing from your greatest obstacles — the people in your life. Filled with insight, experience, and real ways to truly manage personal interactions, it will be a treasure to refer to for many relationships to come.

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* Paperback: Matte Cover; 248 pages

* Dimensions: 6″ x 9″

* Publisher: Luminous Epinoia Press (Paper); 1st edition (2004)

* ISBN: 0-9753000-4-0

* Price: $15.00



You have two choices: you can stall or you can consciously choose to awaken. It matters not which you choose, because you eventually wake up from this dream of living in a tangible world of pain and suffering. We all will. To stall only means you take the long path, that’s all. The goal of this book is to shorten that path.


The questions that begin your desire to return home are the whys. Why me? Why here? Why now? Why not? These are healthy beginnings to a journey of seeking, the only problem with these questions is there isn’t an answer within the dream. You must look outside the dream, or illusion for real answers. The whys can trap your mind in a circle of never-ending questions, answerable only through the logic of a mind inside a dream.


The key then is to find a way to see what the dream is, and step outside it. The following is a manual for students along this spiritual journey. It is not a workbook, but does contain practical suggestions for change if that is what you need. It also contains philosophies or understandings that may stretch the mind to be able to perceive your own illusions. Ultimately, you will find that you participated in an impressively creative way in manifesting the experience you consider your life and you will also find that you have the power to re-create it. First, you must come to understand who you are and why you are so creatively powerful. By doing this, we are going to dismantle who you are not.


If you could eliminate all the traits, habits and programs that are not who you are, but only the products of having bought into the dream, then what would be left? The essential you, that which you already are, but do not know. Awakening is simply knowing who you are. So you see, it is going to be much easier than you thought. It is not changing who you are, it is releasing who you are not. We simply together are going to discover who you are.


Book Details

* Paperback: Matte Cover; 236 pages

* Dimensions: 6″ x 9″

* Publisher: Luminous Epinoia Press (Paper); 1st edition (2008)

* ISBN: 978-0-9753000-0-8

* Price: $15.00


 Julie’s first Novel – written with her husband, Ed Hunt

The Untidy Witness is available in paperback and Kindle format on Amazon, and paperback here on this site.


Laura Wexler, our main fictitious character uses many of the tools and techniques that Julie uses in her professional work – though with a real spin on the paranormal.

When Nick Drake, ex-Air Force pilot, gets pulled into the murder case of his former Colonel’s daughter, he doesn’t like it. It’s too easy. Only later, after another murder and the suspect behind bars, does the supernatural awareness of Laura Wexler, mountain woman and spiritualist begin to put the pieces together. Yet the pieces add up to a dark entity occupying hapless souls to do its bidding.

Originally it seemed that revenge was its motivation, but what Nick and Laura uncover goes far beyond revenge ~ into past lives, different realms and powerful allies and foes. This supernatural mystery takes the reader through time-inflamed vendettas, military politics and unresolved relationships into the personal struggle of facing inner demons or personal devastation. Entwining them both is their fate, an unfinished relationship and the courage to hurdle longstanding obstacles.


Book Details

* Paperback: Matte Cover; 234 pages

* Dimensions: 6″ x 9″

* Publisher: Luminous Epinoia Press (Paper); 1st edition (2014)

* ISBN: 978-09753000-1-5

* Price: $9.99


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