I believe people are inherently creative, we only need to unkink our creative hoses and let the passions flow. Therefore it seems to be my life’s destiny to utilize as many creative venues as possible AND to help others unkink their creative hoses.
On this web page, you will find evidence of my biggest passions~ painting and helping others. Yet underlying all my creative ventures is a deep seated desire to bring out the best in others. What that means is, consistently bringing a higher perspective to any moment or experience. This is the purpose of my book The Mask, the Mirror and the Illusion~ to help others awaken to the knowledge of who they truly are. But it is also an unspoken for me in my artful adventures too. How can I find beautiful or symbolic ways to ignite the knowing that each of us is a creative, unique and expressive being?
The healing modality, Core Belief Restructuring is a way to help people get limiting images of themselves out of the way so they can live from this innate truth. But whether through a sculpture, painting, article, book or workshop, not only do I want to help others feel more accepted for exactly who they are, but I want to offer tools to help people find fulfilling and joyful methods of expression.
My newest iteration of creative venues is through interpersonal communication and relationships training. With this new project comes the renewed commitment to help others feel more understood and to do it with integrity and a deep empathy for our uniqueness. If people have practical ways to understand and be better understood, imagine how this would shift our personal images, value of self, feelings of appreciation, meaning in our jobs and more fulfilling relationships.
Every experience creates a new opportunity, and it seems that all my past experiences and education have brought me perfectly to this moment. A Master’s Degree in International Relations, undergraduate degree in several languages, years of working with clients in the business world, then worldwide in my healing modality have taught me many ways of communicating, connecting and listening. All have simply reinforced the knowing that we are perfectly unique and only need some tools to let it all shine!